In may 2018 I left Paris in France to travel for a one-year with my viola around the world. I wanted to meet those who, through music, help other, but also to meet people from all over the world to share about music and life.

In this travel I have to opportunity to meet programs helping kids with music (to learn more and watch the videos I made about those programs you can go on. Most of them are Sistema-inspired programs). I also played on the streets, for local concerts and taught music to kids in place like Russia or French Polynesia.

If you want to follow the project just go on Instagram or Facebook and follow me. And if you want to support the project, you can download the album.

Thanks for your support to this project!


From Paris, France

Hi! My name is Christophe and I'm traveling the world by train with my viola (a big violin :-)). The objective of this one-year trip is to meet those who, through music, help others. Thanks to a partnership with El Sistema, I have the opportunity to meet hundreds of musicians helping kids to get a better future. Follow my weekly updates and travel with me!

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Where am I?

Paris, France