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As I juggle with music, engineering and travel writing, in just over a decade I have been able to make connections and understand the links between business, innovation, entrepreneurship, music and travel.

Through lectures, I explore these relationships in order to transport my listeners through music and travel, to make them aware of the possibility of allying progress and environmental protection, but also to encourage them to consider the benefits of multicultural wealth in business.


  • Innovation with impact,
  • Collective & emotional intelligence,
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR),
  • Environment & climate,
  • Travel, culture & music.

Examples of lectures

  • Motivation at work and CSR – Testimony of a journey in search of meaning. Drawing a parallel with his own journey in search of meaning, Christophe invites employees to get away from it all and ask themselves what meaning they should give to their company and their profession.
  • Business travel – How can we reinvent it to meet the challenges of climate change? Whether you are a tourism or mobility professional, or in charge of travel policies within an organization, travel modes (plane, car, train, bike…) and the meaning to be given to travel are today at the heart of questions asked by employees and general management. In this lecture, Christophe will guide you in thinking about these issues, and how to feed your company’s CSR policy.
  • Circular economy – Rethinking your business Climate change, the scarcity of natural resources and the collapse of biodiversity are just some of the challenges of our time that have a direct impact on the resilience of companies. Whether you are in purchasing, marketing or R&D, today’s departments have to come up with new models for designing and marketing their services and products.

All lectures are accompanied by musical interludes, providing a gentle and poetic way of sharing reflections.

They trust me

They talk about it

The lecture on mobility, travel and climate change achieved a triple objective: to REALLY raise employee awareness, interest the children of employees invited for the occasion (5 to 10 years old), and simply address a complex and protean subject on a fun format. A big thank you to Christophe for this conference at RATP group.

Hélène Bahezre de Lanlay, Innovation Program Manager, RATP Group

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