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As I juggle with music, engineering and travel writing, in just over a decade I have been able to make connections and understand the links between business, innovation, entrepreneurship, music and travel.

Through lectures, I explore these relationships in order to transport my listeners through music and travel, to make them aware of the possibility of allying progress and environmental protection, but also to encourage them to consider the benefits of multicultural wealth in business.

Please find below some of the topics discussed during the conferences:

  • Progress and environment: innovating by listening and being open minded ?Our world is undergoing accelerated change which requires more than ever a high degree of agility to take into account, among other things, global warming. Companies are trying to innovate and reinvent themselves to meet these challenges. For several years now, they have been implementing tools such as design thinking, labs, and ideation challenges. These methods have two things in common: listening and sharing. These are two pillars that are also found in music.
  • Values and culture: understanding and capitalizing on diversity in business?While exploring the similarities between my discoveries of distant cultures and diversity in companies, I discuss the topics of enrichment through interaction with others as well as the importance of non-verbal language.

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