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World Tour 2018 – 2019 

Between May 2018 and May 2019, I was given the opportunity to travel the world with my viola and Georges, a small stuffed rabbit, all with the support of patrons and mentors. Initially, I wanted to meet people and promote some El Sistema associations through video reports. I traveled by train as much as possible, always trying to address my own questions about the future of our societies, the impact of technology on our lives, and the environmental crisis. Throughout this journey, I met hundreds of people who helped me growing through their experiences. I have adopted a new outlook on the planet, and on the relationships between people. I found out about some of the geopolitical interests that animate our world. And above all, I fell in love with nature which is dying due to the dramatic effects of global warming and overexploitation. When I came back to France, I wanted to pass on my experience to make my country aware of distant cultures, geopolitics, but also environmental protection. This journey gave rise to conferences for companies, a show for young people, and a book.

Bach around the world. Memories of a year around the world with my viola on Bach’s Prelude.

My project in a few words

7 programs

El sistema visited.

16 countries


100 +

people met.

378 days

all around the world.

400 children

who have tried the viola.

15,000 km

by train.

The El Sistema associations

El Sistema was founded in 1975 in Venezuela by the conductor, pianist and educator José Antonio Abreu. It is a program that aims at empowering children from poor neighborhoods through the practice of music in an orchestra. Indeed, Maestro Abreu was convinced that an orchestra is an ideal society. A child who joins an orchestra acquires values such as solidarity, harmony and mutual compassion. And then, all these values can be passed on to his community.
Today, there are about 400 organizations around the world that help more than 700,000 children and regularly teach them how to play a musical instrument at school, alongside traditional mathematics or language classes.

During this world tour, I had the opportunity to visit seven associations in seven different countries: Musaik in Dresden, Germany, Sistema Højvangen in Skanderborg, Denmark, El Sistema Sweden in Gothenburg, Sweden, Tempo Orkesteri in Vantaa, Finland, Chiang Rai Youth Orchestra in Chiang Rai, Thailand, Crashendo! in Laverton, Australia, and finally Porirua Soundscapes in Porirua, New Zealand. Out of those encounters, I produced six video documentaries which you can now watch below.

The itinerary

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Photo album

Patrons, sponsors and partners

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