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Göteborg (Sweden) to Helsinki (Finland) via Stockholm

June 11, 2018


Götebord (Sweden) to Helsinki (Finland), 8th-9th of May 2018

Daily number of km by train: 454km
Total number of km by train: 3132km
Daily number of km by boat: 400km
Total number of km: 3532km
Travel time: 21h50 (4h46 by train and 17h10 by boat)

On the 8th of May, I left the city of Göteborg to go to Helsinki. The first part of the trip consisted of crossing Sweden from Göteborg to Stockholm by train. Cherry trees in front of the train station were in bloom.

There we took the train RE 10168, a direct train to Stockholm.

On the journey, you cross the beautiful countryside of Sweden with lots of lakes and forests.

We stopped for a few hours in Stockholm, just enough time to have a quick walk in the city and to go to the Stockholm Palace.

After a few hours walking in the city, we went to the passenger harbor, to board the ferry to Helsinki. This new harbor (quite ugly), is located quite far away from the city center (about 40 minutes). You need to take the underground and walk for a 20 minutes in an industrial place.

As the crossing by boat is around 17 hours, it is mandatory to book a cabin. Mine (the cheapest one – note, if you have an Interrail pass you can get up to 50% reduction on the price on Tallink company with the promo code ‘Eurail‘) was on the 2nd floor of the boat, that means, under the sea level, without any window. Watertight doors in the corridors reminded me the movie “Titanic”.

Inside the ferry, you can find a disco, games, supermarkets, restaurants, bars. Well, everything to spend money :-).

The landscape is just amazing. For around 5 hours you’re in the Swedish fjords. It’s really beautiful!

After 17 hours in the boat, you finally arrive in Helsinki, directly in the city center, time to discover the city ;-).




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