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El Sistema Sweden and Göteborg

May 28, 2018
Lund (Sweden) - Götebord (Sweden), 6th of May 2018

Daily number of km by train: 283km
Total number of km by train: 2678km
Travel time: 2h44

On the 6th of May I took the train to go to Göteborg from Lund. Due to a breakdown on the train we had to change train in a small train station :-).

I went to my Airbnb apartment and I was really careful in the elevator :-). The night was good.

El Sistema Sweden in Göteborg

On the 7th of May, I met Ron from El Sistema Sweden. Ron is Venezuelan and comes from El Sistema in Venezuela. Violinist and orchestra conductor, he developed El Sistema in Greenland before coming to Sweden. He came in Göteborg because of Gutavo Dudamel who was the conductor of the Göteborg Symphonic Orchestra in the years 2007 – 2008 and who made discover El Sistema in this country.

Today, Ron is the orchestra conductor of the El Sistema Orchestras in Göteborg. He also created the Dream Orchestra, an orchestra for immigrants aged over 18 years old. Indeed El Sistema only focuses on kids under 18 years old.

Ron is also part of the Side by Side project, a 4-days event with more than 1,300 kids coming from all over Europe to play together in orchestras. He will conduct all the orchestras in June during the event, in the hockey stadium!

It was a pleasure to meet him and to assist a rehearsal with the Dream Orchestra and preschool kids from El Sistema.

You can watch the video here about their work.

I also would like to thank you El Sistema France who made possible the contact with El Sistema Sweden.


The city of Göteborg is the 2nd biggest city in Sweden. It is really famous for its sports events. It’s also the city of Volvo.

Göteborg is also a big harbor on which you can find a ships museum. This one looks really like to the Captain Haddock’s one :-).



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