This trip is the result of a few years thought nourished by family, friends, meetings, travels, readings and movies. I want to share here, with you, some of the projects, books and movies that inspired me. I also want to thank all the people who made this project a reality.



  • Pianocean, Sailing the world with a Piano. A 10-year world trip with a piano on a boat. The pianist is incredible. If you cross her way, please stop and listen to her.
  • Piano Around the World. A 5-year world trip between 2011 and 2016 with a piano on a truck.




First, I want to thank my family for their support. Then, I would like to thank my friends. Thank you Marc & Pauline, Arnaud, Maëna & Éloïse, Pierre-Yves, Léontine, Séraphin & Célestine, Thomas, Audrey, Théophile & Éléanore, Sunil, Pierre-Etienne, Pierrick, Alexandre, Marc, Solène, Agathe, Nathalie & Christophe, Aurélien & Rachel, Nicolas & Kenji, Thibault, Kenza, Karine, Céline, Nicolas & Florence, Caroline & Ludo, Mazic. I miss you during this trip.

This project would have been impossible without my music professors who gave me their knowledge. I would like to thank Cathy & François (my viola teachers) and Isabel (my piano teacher, an incredible lady). I would also like to thank Denis, Florian and Michel (from the RATP music school), for their help, inspiration and support.

This project is also the result of tens of meetings with people who gave me advices and took some hours of their time to help me. Thank you Janek for your advices with videos, Chiara for your English advices, Bruno for your video, Ludovic for your advices with TWAM and Matthieu for your amazing drawing.

I would also like to thank my boss at RATP, Florian, for supporting the project and giving me the opportunity to leave my job in really good conditions. Thank you for your open-mindedness! I want to thank also my RATP colleagues: Adryana, Antonio, Fatimé, Pascal, Dominique, Carole, Irène, Sylvie, Richard, Emilie, Sophie and Valérie.

Last but not least, I want to thank the people from my partners who believe in me. Thank you Pascale (El Sistema France) for you incredible help. Thank you Charlène & Mohand (Kreezalid) for being the first to support the project. Thank you Julie & Eléna (Chapka Assurance) and thank you Dennis (Jakob Winter).