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Aarhus (Denmark) to Lund (Sweden) via Copenhaguen

May 11, 2018
Aarhus (Denmark) - Lund (Sweden), 5th of May 2018

Daily number of km by train: 389km
Total number of km by train: 2395km
Travel time: 4h17

The train between Aarhus and Copenhagen is quit unique because it crosses the Storebælt, a 18km large sea between two mains islands of Denmark. To accomplish the travel, the train takes two bridges and a 8km tunnel under the sea. It opened in 1997, that is to say, 3 years after the Channel Tunnel between France and the UK.

A fun fact is that you have safety instruction on board of the train, in case of emergency.

I stopped a few hours in Copenhagen and could enjoy some parts of the city.

I went to Christiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous anarchist district of about 850 to 1,000 residents. It’s a kind of hippie place, with a very good atmosphere. It is also very famous for its open cannabis trade. However the place is subject to discussions with the authorities which want to close it and could disappear in the coming years.

After this brake in Copenhagen, I took a train to enter Sweden. I stopped in Lund for the night.

Funded around 990, the city of Lund (around 90,000 inhabitants) is famous for its cathedral (a Lutheran cathedral) and the astronomical clock inside the cathedral.

Lund is also an important place for pilgrims at it is on the Pilgrim Way Skåne-Blekinge, which is a part of the long route connecting the holy shrines Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Vadstena (Sweden) and Nidaros (Norway).

Lund is also a great place for education, as its university was founded in 1666 and is still today one of Scandinavia’s largest institutions for education and research.

Lund architecture is also really charming with lots of small streets and typical houses. As you notice, I really enjoyed this city!



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